Rubber Scorching Aras Gibieza steals the show Back
The smell of burning rubber, a crowd of hundreds cheering for more, mobile phone cameras on record mode at all the given spots plus European stunt-riding champion Aras Gibieza astride on his Gixxer S 1000 performing some breathtaking stunts was the perfect sight for bike and stunt lovers as the Suzuki Gixxer Day tour, concluded at Amanora Town Centre on Sunday. Throwing some light on his journey as a stunt rider, Gibieza said, “I started professionally in 2008 and later, in 2010, I started to compete in the European competitions and in 2011, I won a lot of competitions and in 2012, I won all the competitions in Europe. In 2013, I became a Red Bull athlete I now travel around the world and get to show my skills and now I can say that I am living my dream.” When quizzed whether stunt biking is all about the adrenaline rush, Gibieza said, “We are all professionals. I can feel the good vibes. It’s not about adrenaline rush for me.” Gibieza has some tips for youngsters. “The most important thing is safety and you must take care of yourself. You must be in good shape because if you are not powerful enough, you will not be able to control the bike and the last thing is be smart. Don’t do any stunts on the streets.”