scoops and courtyards

Amanora Future Towers in built around a grain of innovation, to introduce a more contemporary & lustrous life to its residents. Scoops and courtyards are an exclusive lifestyle trend only at Amanora Park Town. They are lively & custom spaces on high-altitude floors, that offer a relaxing and glamorous respite for soaking in the exuberance.

Along with the boons of being part of India's 1st Real Township, Amanora Future Towers is adorned with not one, but many trend-setting firsts.

Scoops of Delight

Set at varying altitudes in the verticals, these bits of rejuvenation serve as your ideal retreat.

  • The Yoga Scoop
  • The Kids' Scoop
  • Kulture­ - The Amphitheatre
  • Verve­ - The Youth Scoop
  • Gossip­ - The Ladies' Scoop
  • The Sports Scoop
  • Freshbean­ The Coffee Shop

Courtyards of Joy

Synonymous to an affluent lifestyle, these courtyards are new­fashioned hubs of socializing.

  • Central Courtyard
  • Kids' Courtyard
  • Pool Courtyard
  • Retail Courtyard
  • Sculpture Courtyard
  • Water Courtyard

The Yoga Scoop

Verve- The Youth Scoop

The Sports Scoop

Gossip- The ladies Scoop

The Kids Scoop

Freshbean - The coffee shop

Kulture- The Amphithreatre

Sculpture Courtyard

Retail Courtyard

Pool Courtyard

Kids Courtyard

Central Courtyard

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