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"In 2010, Amanora briefed MVRDV to design the future. With Future Towers, we've done just that." - Jacob Van Rijs

Introduce yourself to a groundbreaking concept in architecture and new-age living - a design so iconic, it's unlike anything else you've seen in the world.

Designed by Jacob Van Rijs, one of the founding directors of MVRDV, Rotterdam, Future Towers has been carefully crafted to reflect a natural landscape formation. It brings you closer to the undulations of rolling hills and valleys - so that the beauty of nature isn't something you appreciate from afar, but forms an intrinsic part of your life.


"We've created a vertical city out of a hexagon"
- Jacob Van Rijs

Future Towers has been born from a hexagonal grid design, incorporating 120° angles that optimise the inflow of natural light - a design that ensures each apartment gets breathtaking views of the surroundings while providing complete privacy for its residents.

The development has been positioned on the site in such a way that when cut along its boundaries, it gives rise to three distinct building fragments. Surrounded by nature, blending into nature.

Futuristic. Green. Holistic.
India's first ever iconic vertical city is here.

Amanora Future Towers 56- Floor plans

Amanora Future Towers 58- Floor plans