Looking for villas in Pune, head to Amanora now

Buying a Villa in Pune for investment or for living is considered to be a major move financially and emotionally. Before you invest a huge chunk of your savings in a scheme that looks attractive, which looks it’s going to boom in the next 5 years, head to Amanora now!

Amanora Sweet Water Villas is an exclusive bouquet of custom­made villas nestled in the most picturesque location of Amanora Park Town at Hadapsar, Pune. Select from the five choicest villa styles and rejoice in the world-class ecstasies. Sweet Water Villas is a limited edition project that the future generations will be proud to inherit. A few things to note about this perfect destination:

  • Limited edition plots, in sizes ranging from 6,000 to 12,000 sq.ft.
  • 3 basic designs with 5 different external treatments.
  • 26­acre private garden as an extended courtyard.
  • Bungalow designed as per Eco­housing criteria.
  • Specially designed by P&T Consultants, Private Ltd from Singapore.

Villas here possess exclusivity like no other. Clubhouse with:

State of the art Gymnasium
Lounge Bar
Private Garden
Billiard Table
Swimming Pool

The rich and the famous leave a lot for their future generations to inherit. Antiques, Gold, rare jewellery, old wealth and a lot of riches. And now, you have an opportunity to rise above the materialistic and leave a living philosophy, a better world to inherit.

So if you are looking for Villas in Pune you know exactly where to head...