adreno concept
Adreno Towers

Some homes are built for leisure, some for luxury, and some to revive our lifestyle. Adreno Towers at Amanora Park Town in Hadapsar, falls under the third lot. Every inch of this structure exudes vitality in every aspect. These 1-4 BHK homes are a part of a throbbing ambience surrounded by an array of happening amenities.

Life on the edge

It's easy to get caught up in the mundaneness of day-to-day lives, and for some people that's enough. But what about when you want to live on the edge? Work hard, party harder and live each day like it's your last. That, is just the concept behind Adreno Towers.

Homes that give you a high

Rejuvenation comes in different forms at Adreno Towers, never running out of plenty. The design of these five youthful blocks is steeped in turbo vibes that makes these homes a haven of uninterrupted vigour.

A pulsating lifestyle

Get ready to unleash your wild side with rooftop bars, terrace lounges and a myriad other avenues for you to feel the rush. Welcome to your early 20s – there's no such thing as a good night's sleep, just a fast day followed by an epic night.

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