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Swarovski, the Birth of a Brilliant New World

The Swarovski company was founded by Daniel Swarovski, in partnership with his brother-in-law Franz Weis and the Parisian couturier Armand Kosmann. In the beginning, Swarovski only produced precision-cut crystal jewellery stones. With time, the brand entered and held its sway in many other realms, including fashion, design, architecture and fine arts, changing forever all that was fashion and luxury. And, adding a new, glittering dimension to our lives.

Swarovski enables all creators in the design industry to bring their crystal dreams to life. Positioned as the partner of choice for extraordinary, turnkey design solutions. Swarovski’s team of specialists contributes to the formulation of the most innovative and illuminating atmospheres.

Swarovski’s avant-garde crystal creations and custom projects continue to shape the future of design by transforming dynamic architectural spaces into iconic landmarks of sparkling wonder. And, with a growing global footprint, Swarovski has set its sights on the rapidly developing Indian subcontinent to create world-class original ambiances in this highly evolved real estate environment. And, by doing so, contribute to the shining future of India.

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