They say the early bird gets the worm. In our case, being the 'early worms'
helped us keep Covid-19 germs out of the township!

As soon as Covid-19 pandemic became a threat in the country, we started
taking steps to ensure the safety and convenience of our citizens and staff.
We prepared ourselves right from day one of 'Lockdown 1.0'!

Early Actions Taken

Sanitization at Amanora Park Town

Staff was shortlisted to camp in township 24 x 7 and be available for the assistance of citizens

Arrangements for their food, accommodation & transportation were made

Protective equipment like mask, gloves and PPE were ordered in advance

Periodic reviews were planned

Guest houses were closed to restricted any outsider entry

Community spaces like gym, swimming pool and clubhouse were locked down

Safety & Convenience
Ensured During Lockdown

Sanitisation cabins were installed at entry of buildings

Entire infrastructure of water, power, gas, solid waste management, security, e-governance and medical facilities was working normally

Amanora Cares helpline was functional 24 x 7 to assist citizens

Grocery and medical supplies were made available for home delivery from Amanora Mall and small stores inside the township

Social distancing norms were followed at stores inside the township

Electronic connectivity was ensured 24 x 7

Accommodation, food and healthcare for 1500 migrant labourers working at Amanora construction sites was arranged

Township premises were disinfected every alternate day

Common areas in buildings were disinfected every day

Hassle-free & Corona-free
Living Ensured

Not a single positive case has been found inside the township till date

Despite Pune being declared a Red Zone, Amanora Park Town can be considered to be a Green Zone

Citizens didn’t face any inconvenience related to power, water, essentials or medical supplies

Amanora is ready to resume construction before others as the workforce is safe, well-cared for, and put up nearby