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The Benefits of buying a property on Lease


We all have heard this term "buying on lease", "entering into a lease agreement" and so on. But what exactly is a lease or lease agreement still remains a mystery. Lease is a contract by which one party conveys property, services or land, etc. to another for a specified time, generally in return for a periodic payment.

While lease agreement is a contract between a tenant and the landlord, that allows the tenant the rights to the use of a property owned or managed by the landlord for a certain period of time. He or she may be granted allowances to modify, change or otherwise adapt the property to suit their needs. The landlord is responsible for the upkeep of the property.  

When we look around, especially in Hadapsar, we find number of good properties in Hadapsar, Pune being given on lease. It is a good idea to take up those properties because entering into a lease agreement has many perks. Here, we mention a few:

  • Leasehold is much more flexible for enforcing positive covenants. Example - The landlord or the lease hold owner is entitled to pay towards maintenance of common parts of the building such as roof, exterior walls, etc.
  • You become part of an accountable and controlled neighbourhood.
  • You still have the right to lease, mortgage or transfer your property.
  • You can avail of a loan on your apartment.

The above mentioned are just few of the many positives that one gets to enjoy when buying a property on lease. Amanora Park Town is a fine example of a property on lease. You can own the poshest apartments in Hadapsar for duration of 999 years. Amanora ensures that you get the best of life and lifestyle and follows a very transparent lease agreement system. This is what makes Amanora stand out from the rest. The transparency, the commitment and the dedication of Amanora towards providing you great home spaces, makes it one of the most trusted names in today’s time. At Amanora Park Town, you enjoy a life that is tailor-made to suit you and your unique personality.