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16 Sep 2015

10 must-try sports for the Adreno Adventurers

There are many ways you can go on to live your life. You can become a part of the everyday system, punch-in and punch-out and watch a movie on the weekends. To most, that might seem alright. But there are those few who prefer to live life on the edge, whether that’s during work or leisure. It is for these adventurers that Amanora has crafted the Adreno concept. If you’re among the wild, adventurous souls, here are the top 10 sports that will immerse you in the Adreno life: 

1) Para-Gliding: Feel the wind as you glide above the clouds. With an awe- inspiring view, this unforgettable experience will get you addicted to adventure. 

2) Bungee-Jumping: Nothing like jumping from an incredible height, is there? You’ll forget your worries in no time and learn to live in the moment with this adventure sport. 

3) Kayaking: It’s just you against the raging rapids! Not a leisurely cruise, you will race down a river and feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins. 

4) Dirt-Biking: Rent out a nimble but powerful dirt bike and give your best shot at riding through rocky terrains. With the bikes having suspensions built to last, you can get some real airtime as well! 

5) Rock Climbing: You must’ve seen this in many movies, but now it's time to dust off your fingers and flex your climbing muscles! You’re also sure to get some awesome selfies!

6) Scuba-Diving: Put on your snorkel and say hello to some denizens of the deep. Whether it’s 20,000 leagues under the sea or less, it is definitely always an adventure. 

7) Heli-Skiing: Definitely not for the faint-hearted, you’ll be lifted to high mountain-tops via helicopter and then with one brave push, you’ll begin your glide down the mountain, feeling a rush like never before. 

8) Surfboarding: A combination of skill and daring, surfing on the highest waves will give you a true feeling of achievement. It’s time to master the seas!

9) Waterfall Rappelling: Ever wondered what it feels like to go up a waterfall? Well, this is perfect for you! Take a closer look at one of nature’s best creations and feel the adrenaline pump. 

10)  Skydiving: Embodying one of man’s biggest desires, this is your opportunity to take to the skies. You can make formations with a large group or free-fall by yourself and take in your surroundings. Either way, it’s an experience worth trying! 

However, you shouldn’t just confine your life of adventure to these sports. Let every day be a rush of living life to the fullest and feeling the pulse of adrenaline always coursing through you. That will be your life at the Adreno Towers at Amanora Park Town. With 8 well-demarcated amenity areas for all your needs, the Adreno life is adventure brought to life.