Infrastructure & Sustainability

What makes Amanora Park Town a green and clean community with every imaginable technical and modern facility?
With state-of-the-art infrastructure like schools, healthcare facilities, shopping and entertainment avenues, gardens, get-together hubs and much more, Amanora is a leader and innovator in sustainable community development with sustainable electricity, water & gas supplies, and waste management.
Road Infrastructure
  • The total road width of Crescent Road is 26.6 metres.
  • It has two lanes to prevent traffic snarls.
  • Bituminous roads have been laid out instead of concrete ones for a smooth ride, to reduce abrasion of tires and prevent mishaps due to skidding during the monsoon.
  • All roads have pavements on either side dotted by trees.
Amanora Mall
Amanora Mall
  • An urban lifestyle is incomplete without an avant-garde entertainment destination.
  • Amanora Park Town comes decked with a high-end mall that offers everything- from utility to luxury.
  • A happening destination with 12 lac sq. ft. of shopping, food and beverages and entertainment.
  • Retail outlets of renowned international brands.
Amanora Club - Managed by The Fern Hotels
Amanora Club - Managed by The Fern Hotels
  • 1.6 Lac sq. ft. Club with 26 rooms overlooking central green
  • Banquet facilities
  • Indoor/Outdoor games
  • 7000 sq. ft. state of the art gymnasium by UK based brand – Body Power
  • Spa by ELLE Spa – internationally known brand in spa treatments
Living amidst nature
Living amidst nature
  • Your very own 26 acres of central green
  • World’s 1st Temple of Environment to generate awareness among people aimed at preserving and protecting our fragile environment.
  • Open spaces / landscape area: 70 acres
  • Existing developed area: 10 acres
  • More than 16,000 trees already planted