Infrastructure & Sustainability

What makes Amanora Park Town a green and clean community with every imaginable technical and modern facility?
Private integrated township is a recent phenomenon In Pune, they are emerging as a solution to the urban chaos that exists in Pune city, mainly due to the lack of infrastructure affecting quality of urban life. Amanora was first of its kind township in Maharashtra. A vision & brainchild of Mr. Aniruddha Deshpande, who wanted to create a landmark for the city of his love Pune. Amanora set the benchmark in central green garden, 24 x 7 water, power, gas, security, medical help, fire brigade and a reputed CBSE & ICSE schools, even before the 1st occupant took the possession. Amanora set the tone for creating the new modern suburbs. In lines with Pune's IT orientation, Amanora used Information technology to make it Digital city, making life easy. Amanora also created improvement in Pune's green environment. Its environmental temple, first of its kind is a place of visit and worship for outsiders.
Road Infrastructure
  • The total road width of Crescent Road is 26.6 metres.
  • It has two lanes to prevent traffic snarls.
  • Bituminous roads have been laid out instead of concrete ones for a smooth ride, to reduce abrasion of tires and prevent mishaps due to skidding during the monsoon.
  • All roads have pavements on either side dotted by trees.
Amanora Mall
Amanora Mall
  • An urban lifestyle is incomplete without an avant-garde entertainment destination.
  • Amanora Park Town comes decked with a high-end mall that offers everything- from utility to luxury.
  • A happening destination with 12 lac sq. ft. of shopping, food and beverages and entertainment.
  • Retail outlets of renowned international brands.
Amanora Club - Managed by The Fern Hotels
Amanora Club - Managed by The Fern Hotels
  • 1.6 Lac sq. ft. Club with 26 rooms overlooking central green
  • Banquet facilities
  • Indoor/Outdoor games
  • 7000 sq. ft. state of the art gymnasium by UK based brand – Body Power
  • Spa by ELLE Spa – internationally known brand in spa treatments
Living amidst nature
Living amidst nature
  • Your very own 26 acres of central green
  • World's 1st Temple of Environment to generate awareness among people aimed at preserving and protecting our fragile environment.
  • Open spaces / landscape area: 70 acres
  • Existing developed area: 10 acres
  • More than 16,000 trees already planted