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18 Oct 2019

4 Ways An Extra ‘0.5’ Room Can Transform Your Lifestyle

More space is always a symbol of luxury. At Amanora Park Town, you enjoy the privilege of a ‘0.5’ room in your apartment. Here are the 4 reasons why you shouldn’t let go of a bonus room when you’re booking your home!
  1. Home Office
  2. Convert that extra space into a home office! It’s ideal for days when you want to work from home undisturbed, are setting up a meeting with clients, or want a quiet space to file paperwork, take important calls, and complete tasks in a timely manner.

  3. Study
  4. A study is for everyone! It’s a great place for your child to study alone with no distractions, especially from their siblings or the TV. For a cosy and vibrant study room, you can add book shelves and cabinets, place a sturdy desk and comfortable chair, include colourful beanbags and stock up on stationary and school supplies.

  5. Music Room
  6. If your family takes a keen interest in music and you have encouraged your kids to dabble in singing and musical instruments, having your own music room is an ingenious idea. This way you can keep any noise from disturbing others while allowing artistic talents to flourish in peace. Make sure to dampen the sounds with the right treatment for the room’s interior walls and windows.

  7. Kid’s Room
  8. A ‘0.5’ room is perfect as a nursery for your toddler. The best part? You can just convert it into a toy room or playroom when your child gets older and bigger.

At Amanora Park Town, we’re offering you a FREE interior makeover for these 4 room options. That’s right! If you’re looking for spacious apartments at residential projects in Pune, don’t miss out on your dream home with an extra ‘0.5’ room at Amanora Gold Towers and Amanora Gateway Tower.