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21 Feb 2020

5 Benefits Of Township Living

Better work and employment opportunities is a primary driving force in people choosing to migrate to a new city. It is no surprise then that people choose to move to Pune, with it being one of the major cities hosting the biggest employment hubs in the country. Due to the vast work opportunities, there has been a rise in the number of professionals moving to the city, which in turn has given rise to the development of integrated townships in Pune.

After Hinjawadi, the biggest IT and finance hubs have set up shop in East Pune with many choosing to buy or rent flats in Hadapsar and Kharadi. However, due to the innumerable benefits that integrated townships offer, many choose to buy flats in Magarpatta or Amanora Township, Pune. The primary benefit of a township is the unified solution it offers to a number of urbanisation challenges, including convenience.

A good mix of commercial and retail spaces, housing, and open green areas is what ticks well with those choosing to live in a township. So, in addition to this, what are the other benefits an integrated township offers for investors and homebuyers alike? Let’s take a look.

  1. Complete Living Experience
    Convenience and complete living experience is a top priority for most home-owners today. In a stand-alone, you may have to travel long distances to access social and civic infrastructure. However, in a township home, you will find most facilities like shopping centres, hospitals, and schools within the development - so you get everything a short distance from your house.
  2. Work-Life Balance
    The fast-paced lifestyle of today requires some downtime as well. With major employment hubs just round the corner from your township home or just a short drive away, you can find the perfect work-life balance with more than enough time for you to refresh and recharge.
  3. Better Returns
    Investing in a township is likely to yield better returns than putting your money in stand-alone buildings. Integrated townships score better in terms of rental income. With SEZs within the township, the ease of renting attracts many employees to rent township homes.
  4. Low Maintenance
    Maintenance is an important aspect which includes repairs, clean-ups, and even painting, and can be expensive for a stand-alone house. However, buying a house in a township helps homeowners as the maintenance costs are pooled through an RWA, which lowers the overall cost.
  5. Resale Value
    An independent property can be hard to sell, however, if you decide to sell your township home in the future, it would be easier to sell an apartment since most builders launch flats with a mix of plotted developments. So, with two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments being the most in-demand, resale can be made simple.

If you wish to become a part of a vibrant township community in Pune, take a look at Amanora Park Town. Located near Magarpatta IT Park in Hadapsar, the development offers the choicest of apartments and villas along with an array of world-class amenities.