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29 May 2020

5 Facilities That Enable Hassle-free Living At Amanora Park Town

5 Facilities That Enable Hassle-free Living At Amanora Park Town

"Hassle-free living for all. Always."

Amanora Park Town was planned and built with this motto.

We didn’t want to build just another gated community or a township. We wanted to build a self-sufficient mini-city! A place where people could enjoy a comfortable, convenient, and peaceful lifestyle like nowhere else. And now more than ever, we feel that we have succeeded in delivering on our promise.

The Covid-19 lockdown disrupted the way the world functioned. People were locked inside their homes without convenient accessibility to basic necessities like groceries, pharmaceuticals and gas (LPG). However, things were different at Amanora. Owing to our thoughtfully planned infrastructure and hard-working staff, we ensured that our citizens didn’t face any inconvenience. In other words, we ensured that they lived hassle-free even in times of global crisis!

These are the amazing facilities that enable us to offer a truly hassle-free lifestyle to our citizens:

Private Water Treatment Plant

Amanora Park Town receives water through 9 km-long twin pipelines connected directly to an irrigation canal! It ensures that we meet the water demand of the entire township (2.6 MLD), every day, round the year!

Private Electricity Grid

Amanora Park Town is a franchise holder of MSEDCL and has an exclusive power grid of 20 MVA capacity. It helps us ensure zero power cuts for our citizens. Moreover, we use our electricity conservatively by saving around 2700 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

Prepaid Utility Services

We have provided prepaid piped gas connections in each home at the township, so that our citizens don’t have to go through the hassles of refilling cylinders. Moreover, the electricity connection is centralised and prepaid as well.

Privately managed maintenance & security staff

To ensure 24x7 security and round-the-year maintenance of the township, we have appointed a staff on our payroll. To put it in numbers, we have 400 security personnel and a dog squad! This prevents us from relying on third-party services and allows us to keep our premises safe and well-maintained.

Dedicated help-desk

At Amanora Park Town, if you need any assistance, all you have to do is dial 555 from your landline! Through this helpline, we solve township-related concerns and offer on-demand services like plumber, electricians, etc.

When we say that Amanora Park Town is the best township in Pune, we aren’t bragging. We are merely stating a fact. And we believe these points would make you agree with us.