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03 Nov 2017

5 Reasons to Invest in Property in Pune

We all know there are great benefits of investing in real estate. From high asset value to portfolio diversification and long-term risk-adjusted returns, investing in property is seen as the most reliable way of increasing one’s wealth. But once you’ve decided to invest in property, how do you decide on a location and a project to put your faith in?

Here are 5 reasons for why you should invest in real estate in the growing city of Pune.

1. Steady Returns

Over the period of 2011 to 2014, properties in Pune have shown the greatest increase in market value out of the various metropolitan cities present in India. This is mainly attributed to the developing nature of the city, with a larger influx of people due to the growth of the manufacturing and technology industries. While the state of the real estate market in 2017 was at a low, causing appreciation value to become stagnant or decline, it is expected to start increasing at a steady rate over the years to come, especially in the sections of the city where job growth and constructions are prominent such as properties in Hadapsar.

2. Increased Employment & Education Opportunities

Being a smaller city than other metros, and steadily realising its true potential for development, Pune is now thriving in the education and IT sectors. Real estate in areas which are home to various corporates and schools are now seeing an increase in the development and possession of projects well-suited to mid and high level investments. So if you’re looking to invest in property in India or want a suitable home to settle in with your family, luxury flats in Pune are a good option for long-term practical use and gain.

3. Improvements in Infrastructure

Various residential areas in Pune which are farther away from the centre of the city are currently undergoing infrastructural development, leading to substantial improvement in the quality of living. Due to this, there’s a greater demand for flats in Pune as well. By investing in property in areas such as Hadapsar, you could tap into this demand for places of residence, and be assured of steady returns over the coming years.

4. Varied Costs of Housing

Properties in Pune are promising investments whether you’re looking for a project at the lower cost range or of a higher end. The recent trend has seen a higher demand in Township housing due to the range of facilities and conveniences available, apart from the residential flat itself. Amanora Park Town is Pune’s first Real Township, strategically located in Hadapsar, and consists of multiple residential projects of different price ranges. If you’re looking to make a high-level investment, you could opt for one of the luxury flats of Amanora Gateway Towers, which not only gives you a valuable piece of property, but also the name, prestige, and community life that go hand-in-hand with the residential space, and Hassle-Free Living facilities. If you’re looking to make a mid or low-level investment, flats at Amanora Future Towers should be considered.

5. Smart City Model of Development

The Smart City model of development is being upheld by government authorities in the planning of residential projects which are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable. By integrating these aspects, a Smart City is the hub of a fulfilling lifestyle, and would be focused on ensuring that the residents experience complete convenience in their everyday lives. Investing in a Smart City project like Amanora Park Town, which has digitized features, private water & power supply, as well as entertainment and education facilities, would further guarantee the presence of steady returns, better rentals, and would be a safe investment due to the appeal of holistic living in a Township and constant demand for the same.

All of these combined make residential projects in Pune great for safe and reliable investments, especially ready possession flats in areas like Hadapsar. Whether you’re looking for a 1BHK or 4BHK in Pune, the city consists of thriving localities that are residential attractions for working professionals, students, as well as families.