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27 Apr 2020

5 Tips For Cleaner, Safer, Happier Homes

The age-old phrase says that ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’.

But, we would like to tweak it a little, to make it relevant to the current scenario- cleanliness is next to ‘safeness’.

While you are washing your hands, wearing a mask, coughing into your elbows and staying at home, you need to follow one more precaution to ensure maximum safety: keep your home clean. Though we don’t intend to frighten you, we want to inform you that germs of the coronavirus can stay on your clothes or other items for at least 2-3 days when you head outside and return. Because of this, sanitising your house is an important step in protecting yourself and your family from the virus.

Follow these 5 simple house cleaning tips-c

Get your cleaning tools ready

While you clean your home, your safety must be a priority. Don’t forget to wear a mask, gloves and other protective gear before you start cleaning. Keep your windows open while you clean for ventilation and do not touch your face. Get a bleaching solution or other disinfectant which is effective in fighting against coronavirus germs. You can consult a pharmacist or a doctor to help you find the right one.

Clean all surfaces

Dip a cloth in the disinfectant and start by wiping frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, handles, taps, fridge door, table, chairs, switches, etc. You can follow your regular routine to clean toilet and bathroom surfaces. In the end, finish off by mopping the floor with the disinfectant.

Wash all fabrics

Remember, the germs of coronavirus can stay on fabrics for a long time. So, wash fabrics like bed sheets, pillow covers and blankets at least once a week. To clean your sofas and other such furniture, either follow the cleaning instructions provided with the item or contact house cleaning experts. At Amanora, you can use the 555 helpline, and we will ensure you receive the best assistance possible.

Finishing up the cleaning routine

After you are done cleaning, first, put all the clothes used for cleaning separately in a bin bag. Then, remove your gloves and dispose of the mask. Keep this waste separate from your household waste. If you wish to reuse the clothes, wash them immediately, and dispose of the rest of the waste. Wash your hands properly for 20 seconds with soap after you are done.

Clean yourself

Take a hot-water bath after you are done cleaning your home.

Remember, prevention is always better than cure. So, ensure that you are disinfecting your home every week. Also, avoid hosting guests until the situation normalises.