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09 Nov 2016

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In An Integrated Township

‘Township’ is the new buzzword in real estate – a concept that brings thoughts of comfort, security and a better lifestyle to the minds of buyers everywhere, and not without reason. For those unaware, a township is a city in itself, self-sustaining and usually built around the peripheries of a metropolis. 

If you’re looking to buy a home, here’s why you should consider one in an integrated township:

1. It has everything an urban city needs

High-rise apartments, 24x7 water supply, uninterrupted power, offices, schools, hospital, wide roads, shopping malls, cinemas, food and beverage joints etc. You name it, it has it.

2. All your necessities just a stroll away

Ensure a safe walk to school, on account of 3 schools strategically located in the township & easy accessibility to shops with next-door Mall - food, beverages and entertainment in just next door.

3. Better work-life balance

Exhausting and long commutes coupled with strangling traffic means you have no energy left by the time you reach home. 

But the close proximity to offices and other facilities will save you valuable time to indulge in interests and hobbies you were yearning for all this while. 

4. Don’t have to feel caged anymore

With sprawling acres of flora and fauna, townships give you the chance to immerse yourself in the fresh air and lush green surroundings as you detach yourself from the city’s cacophony. - what is called a dangling modifier. The clause before the comma should describe the word that comes after. 

5. Ideal environment for the young and the old 

Your children will not just have a school in the nearby vicinity, but will also have ample space for after-school sports and other recreational activities. 

Meanwhile, your elders will also have massive open areas for their morning and evening walks, apart from a hospital close by. Also, facilities like a panic button for old people make the life safer and secure as any kind of emergencies can be attended in no time.

6. All the makings of a great investment 

While real estate in and around the core of a city is too expensive, properties in the outskirts, though relatively affordable, may lack the infrastructure you need. Integrated townships are clearly the future as they seamlessly blend modern infrastructure with traditional community values.  

India's 1st real township, Amanora Park Town in Pune