Explore multiple dimensions of life in the finest residential project of Pune.

28 Oct 2014

Adreno Towers: Live Life to the Fullest

A life full of life. Days spent in exhilaration and nights are a complete rush. This is how new-age indulgent individuals prefer to live a stimulating life free from monotony. Life in Hadapsar is no doubt a mix of elevated conveniences and better ecstasies. Hadapsar, being one of the fastest developing suburbs of Pune, exposes an individual to a plethora of opportunities. Moreover, the suburb also offers exquisite natural bliss that charms the way of living of the residents. This location can hence, be undoubtedly termed as the best place to settle down in.

It is no more news that the highly renowned real estate developers, City Corporation Limited, have crafted a jewel in the heart of Hadapsar and named it Amanora Park Town. It is today a famous landmark of the suburb. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that people get to know about Hadapsar through Amanora.

Amanora Park Town is full of world-class residential projects and their newest marvel is Adreno Towers. Adreno Towers offers 1- 4 BHK pulsating homes. It not just a unique project, it is an avenue to unleash your wild side. It is a haven for thrill seekers, whose passion is to engage themselves in stimulating activities that make their living and full of rush. If you have an adversity towards mundaneness, Adreno Towers is the place you should be. Here, a myriad of ecstasies fill you with uplifted sensations.

The sphere at Adreno Towers are neatly demarcated by eight well-planned arenas which are as follows:

  • Fitness Arena
  • Enrichment Arena
  • Party Arena
  • Adventure Arena
  • Peace Arena
  • Splash Arena
  • Sports Arena
  • Pulse Arena

The above mentioned amenities work up together to engage your every second of living with worth-while and fulfilling moments. Life here is a memorable experience and not just a repetition of days. Amanora hence, invites you to experience Adreno Towers. Live life to the fullest.