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20 May 2016

Amanora Future Towers: The World’s Most Iconic Structure Is Ready

“We will always tend to fulfil our own expectation of ourselves” – Brian Tracy

We all work towards one thing, and one thing only, a brighter future. Everyone has a dream and goal in mind that they wish to fulfil in the coming years that will upgrade their lifestyle and make their life, a life that matters. Work so hard that one day your signature will be called an autograph. 

Now you’re at a stage where you’ve reached new heights in your career, along with a loving family, and happiness to go all around. What we’ve got to offer you, is a home for the future. Since you’ve worked so hard for your stature, we thought of delivering you a home that will say out loud, “I’ve made it”. And we’ve done so, the world’s most iconic structure is ready, Amanora Future Towers!

Step into the future at Amanora Future Towers, a ground-breaking concept in architecture and new-age living that is so iconic, you won’t find anything like it in the world! Designed by Jacob Van Rijs, one of the founding directors of MVRDV, Rotterdam, Amanora Future Towers bring you closer to rolling hills and valleys, in addition to its scoops of delight and courtyards of joy, making nature an intrinsic part of your life. Created on a hexagonal design grid, this vertical city offers you uber-luxurious 1 to 5 BHK homes with a futuristic design.

Experience a lifestyle at par with the best in the world in a haven of security, comfort and reliability at Amanora Future Towers. Welcome to the future!