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31 Jan 2023

Top 4 Benefits of Buying A Duplex Apartment

"4 BHK duplex flats in Pune residential projects in Pune"

A duplex is a home with two separate entrances and two independent units. Similar to single-family homes, duplexes are standalone buildings. A duplex is often a single-family residence divided into two distinct units. Frequently, single-family homes are divided into two units "side-by-side" or "up-and-down." Usually, the qualities are very similar or even identical.

Over time, we have observed that first-time investors are most successful when they purchase a duplex for sale as their initial investment. The possibility to "house-hack" is one of the key benefits of purchasing a duplex. A house hacker lives in one unit while renting out the other, which has various benefits.

If you're looking for a home in residential projects in Pune, you probably have questions about how to get started and profit from it. Given below are basic yet fundamental factors that you need to know before investing in a duplex apartment:

4 Benefits of Buying a Duplex Apartment in Amanora Crown Towers

1. Benefits of Township

From smart access cards to sustainable electricity and social infrastructure, the 400-acre township living at Amanora Park Town comes with modern technology and cutting-edge infrastructure. Pioneered the idea of ideal living by placing everything you need just a few feet away, Crown Towers also keep you close to all the conveniences from a fire station to schools and hospitals.

2. Higher Connectivity

Over the past few years, several residential construction initiatives have been started to accelerate infrastructure and IT expansion, and investing in a duplex apartment has become a new boom. The key residential projects include Amanora Future Towers, Amanora Aspire Towers, Kumar Pebble Park, Runwal Seagull, and Panchshil One North.

Here are a few elements that must be considered in the township for investing in Amanora Park Town.

  • Proximity to the rail station and airport
  • Near to various malls like Amanora Mall, Seasons Malls, Magarpatta City, and Hadapsar. 
  • Easily accessible from the National Highway
  • Daily essentials are easily accessible

One of Pune's most successful investment marketplaces right now is Amanora. With the construction of upscale homes there, the area is expected to grow even more.

3. Privacy

The majority of duplex apartments in India have luxurious amenities and open areas like courtyards or gardens, which will give you a sense of ease that no other type of residence can. Thanks to the full rear and front entrances, you and your family will have plenty of privacy.

The best method to comprehend how the rooms and spaces of Amanora Crown Towers are organized and to get a comprehensive sense of the home's layout is to look at the floor plans. Three different unit configurations and eight plan styles are offered in Amanora Crown Towers. There are three different sizes of 2 BHK flats: 775, 852, and 957 square feet. There are three different 3 BHK flat sizes available: 1124, 1200, and 1272 square feet. Floor plans with super areas of 1055 and 1753 square feet are available in 4 BHK duplex flats in Pune. With all of these arrangements, some modern bathrooms and balconies are thoughtfully laid out. 

4. Large Spaces

One of the most prestigious developments of the City Group, Amanora Crown Towers, is a deliberately planned, well-connected, and contemporary refuge. It is strategically situated in Hadapsar. The development offers luxurious apartments that are a flawless fusion of rich and modern architecture, offering a pleasant lifestyle in addition to having its own personality and originality. The 2 acres of land around City Amanora Crown Towers are open spaces. 

Conclusion :

A duplex flat may be the ideal space that will give you unrestricted privacy & a lifestyle full of comfort. If you're not really the entertaining kind, you could perhaps use the opposite side as a guesthouse when relatives or friends come to visit. Elderly parents who require daily monitoring could potentially live on the other side of a duplex; this way, the parents can maintain their independence and everyone has some privacy.

With so many exciting & amazing reasons, we are sure you wouldn’t want to miss a chance to invest in the luxurious apartments by Amanora Park Town. So, why wait? Schedule a site visit right away. We are waiting for you!