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10 Jul 2023

5 Best Residential Areas in Pune for Homebuyers

5 Best Residential Areas in Pune for Homebuyers

Over the last few years, Pune has become a hub for real estate investments, given the ever-expanding infrastructure and development of IT industries. One of the significant reasons for the rise of these developments is the widespread road connectivity & the proximity of an International Airport.

Pune boasts a thriving infrastructure, renowned healthcare centres, and educational institutions. Plus, the ongoing metro rail development has largely contributed to capture a significant foothold in the real estate market in Pune. Such conveniences have caught the vital interest of investors and developers to construct top-quality residential & commercial projects in top suburbs of Pune. Another critical factor resulting in Pune's surge in real estate investments is the booming IT industries. This has attracted a host of professionals seeking employment opportunities, thus, encouraging the demand for housing in Pune.

This blog will cover an in-depth analysis of the 5 best places to live in Pune.

Top 5 Residential Areas in Pune for Homebuyers

Pune welcomes a fleet of people from all walks of life, with their unique housing demands. This has in turn, led to the development of various residential buildings, ranging from affordable segment to ultra-luxury. Let’s discover the 5 best residential areas in Pune.

  1. Koregaon Park
  2. Koregaon Park or famously known as KP, is a posh region in Pune, approximately 5KM from Pune International Airport. This locality speaks highly of a bustling nightlife, trendy cafes, IT hubs, and a destination for art lovers as it features many museums and art galleries.

    The lanes in KP are ornate with lush greens on the sides, making it a perfect spot for pleasant morning/ evening walks for residents. Due to Koregaon Park's dazzling lifestyle, a horde of professionals & students prefer having a house in Koregaon Park.

  3. Kalyani Nagar
  4. Kalyani Nagar, a suburb in the eastern region of Pune, stands out as one of the most notable key destinations for residential investment, as it is home to noteworthy historical buildings, one such being the 19th-century – Aga Khan Palace.

    Kalyani Nagar is one the most known locations in Pune due to its neighbourhood and connectivity. It features the finest variety of fine dining, entertainment centres, and sightseeing spots. The residents find Kalyani Nagar the hub of core connectivity with a premium lifestyle offering. Hence, investors & developers have hugely launched numerous projects in the area.

  5. Hadapsar
  6. Hadapsar, a well-developed town, falls under the eastern region of Pune. Following 1990, Hadapsar became a central industrial hub, making it one of the most densely populated areas. This town seamlessly connects to International Airport, Railway Station, and surrounding areas, including Swargate, Kalyani Nagar, and Koregaon Park.

    Hadapsar also bears testimony to major tourist spots, including Theur, Purandar Fort, Mastani Talav, and more. This, in turn, contributes to making Hadapsar a perfect destination for living. Also, Hadapsar harbours India's 1st integrated township, spread across 400 acres, Amanora Park Town. This township features in-house schools, a mall, and a vast range of futuristic projects that modern homebuyers desire to invest in & live in.

  7. Aundh 
  8. Aundh is a flourishing, upscale neighbourhood in Pune, presenting homeowners with an upbeat lifestyle. Aundh's proximity to Mumbai-Pune Expressway & Shivajinagar has raised the demand for residential developments. Excluding the seamless connectivity to key destinations of Pune from Aundh, this locality presents a cosmopolitan lifestyle, urging the homebuyers to invest in.

  9. Kothrud 
  10. Kothrud, located towards the western region of Pune, is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Pune, which has undergone dramatic developments and is now stands in the list of top localities to live in Pune. Kothrud primarily consists of Karve Road & Paud Road, extending its reach to Warje, Chandni Chowk, and Anand Nagar.

    On top of this, Kothrud is home to various IT Hubs, namely Harbinger Systems and e-Zest Solutions. Due to Kothrud's sturdy social & civic infrastructure, it has become one of the top choices among homebuyers.


Pune is a perfect mix of lively city life, pleasant weather, and a touch of nature everywhere. This rare combination is a boon to people who come to Pune for work or studies. The city's offerings stand out from the rest of Tier 1 cities due to a better standard of life and a less crowded space.

If you are looking for residential projects in Pune, Amanora has recently set foot in Kothrud with their project - City Rise. This 22-storeyed residential marvel promises a zero-compromise lifestyle with handpicked amenities & an urban way of life.