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01 Apr 2020

Decoding the real estate terminology

Buying a home is a huge decision, as much emotional as financial. From zeroing in on location, reputed builders, finding best fit residential properties, managing finances & loans to the actual delivery and possession, it is a long drawn and often confusing (and in some cases misinterpreted) process.

A large part is due to the real estate terminology, legal as well as technical, that can be a bit unclear to a lay person.

As with any major deal, due diligence is the foundation of success, so having a quick & ready reference for often used real estate terms can be an advantage while making the correct & hassle free home buying decision.

So here is a real estate glossary of some frequently used jargon in the housing business…

  • Assessed valuation
  • This is the value of the property that the government determines to calculate the tax on it. The more the assessed value of a property the more tax you pay and must be considered in advance while calculating the total costs.

  • Fair market Value
  • Buying a house often involves intense negotiations, and rightfully as a large financial sum is involved. Fair market value is basically the highest price that a buyer is ready to pay and the lowest price that a seller is ready to come down up to.

  • No Objection/Commencement Certificate
  • While conducting due diligence (checking whether the property is free from any legal hassles) on a property, it is important to check whether the concerned authorities have issued the No Objection certificate (NOC). This certificate is issued based on the proposed plan submitted by the developer, so getting an NOC means that the plan has been passed and that construction can begin.

  • Title Search
  • This is a search for the property in public records and is mainly done to assess the previous history of the property, whether there are any legal issues, discrepancies or holds on it.

  • Semi-Custom
  • A lot of builders attract customers by saying that the property is semi-custom; this means that the residences can be customized by the developer as per the buyer’s preference as long as no infrastructural changes are requested.

Apart from these some other known real estate terms include farm property (property on agricultural land), closing costs (expenses incurred by both the buyer and seller while completing a deal), encumbrance certificate (proof that the property is free of financial & legal liabilities), occupancy certificate (certificate issued by authorities on completion of work, property is ready for occupancy), blue print (a document depicting the technical drawing of the project given to the buyer to give an idea of how the completed project will look) etc.

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