Explore multiple dimensions of life in the finest residential project of Pune.

15 Dec 2021

How 'Flexi-Living' at Amanora Elevate Tower is Set to Revolutionize Pune's Real Estate Sector

Housing development has become a necessity in growing cities, and Hadapsar is a hotspot of residential growth in East Pune. This prime locality in Pune is witnessing a tremendous residential development that comes under a variety of budget brackets.

Hadapsar is considered one of the greatest developed areas close to some of the prominent employment hubs and closer to the airport, railway stations, and the national highway NH-65.

Elevate Tower by Amanora, one of the most premium residential projects in Pune, is all set to change the dimensions of real estate in Hadapsar. Located in Amanora Park Town, famous for some of the landmark projects in Pune, Elevate Tower offers more lifestyle & amenities per family.

Presenting Flexi-Living with 2-Key Apartments, first-of-its-kind in Pune

The modern lifestyle can be quite stressful at times. With work-from-home being the new norm, most of us have been spending more time at home. From rushed mornings to late nights, we hardly get enough time for ourselves. However, attaining this delicate equilibrium not only requires a perfect home but also one that offers you the required quintessential conveniences.

Growing families mean each member needs more room for privacy and an independent lifestyle. Today, couples with teenage children appreciate the joys of having separate dedicated spaces for themselves and their children. At Elevate Tower, enjoy your space and explore Room for More.

Introducing Flexi-Living at Amanora Elevate Tower, which has the potential to revolutionise the way we think of homes in Pune’s real estate market. Amanora Elevate Tower is a 29-story single tower made for exceptional individuals who cherish the uniqueness in their way. It is the finest tower enriched with luxury in every given apartment.

These 2-key homes offer a ‘Flexi Living’ feature, adapted from international living standards. Experience the flexibility of being together and yet live independently. One can also choose to convert it to a work space, which is ideal for working couples.

Enjoy More Lifestyle Per Family

This property at Hadapsar is a one-of-its-kind offering with a 26 acre private garden and an extended courtyard where you can create memories that you may cherish for life. At Amanora Elevate Towers, you can enjoy ample indulgences with 42+ amenities with a leisure pool, a well-equipped gym, outdoor gym, jacuzzi, and much more. There’s a lot more waiting for you at Amanora Elevate Tower.


So embrace a one-of-a-kind life in Hadapsar at one of the finest apartments at Amanora Park Town. Own a signature apartment and enjoy the convenience of Flexi-Living at Amanora Elevate Tower. Here, there always #RoomForMore.