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14 Aug 2018

Lifestyle you must expect from luxury homes

In India, luxury homes are, indubitably, the best performing asset to invest in. A hit among high net-worth individuals and non-resident Indians, luxury homes gain value and offer good returns in the future. The increasing demand for luxury properties in India is at an all-time high, and what not? Everyone desires a slice of luxury! The lifestyle is incomparable, courtesy the experiential amenities, high-end interiors, top-notch security, and much more! So, if you’re looking for  luxury apartments for sale in Hadapsar, Pune, make sure that your desired luxury property is equipped with the following:
#1: Incomparable comfort
Whether in the form of a convenient location, grandeur, and easy transportation and connectivity, luxury homes are expected to provide incomparable comfort to you and your family. The amenities are not just there for recreation, but also to facilitate you with life’s best comforts like fitness, meditation, and a connection with nature.
#2: High-end technology
With modern technology in your house, you redefine comfort like never before! Today’s luxury homes prioritise technology in the form of smart features such as wireless security systems, entertainment setups, and voice control. From remote control window shutters to smart lighting that changes your entire ambiance at the drop of a hat, these ultra-luxurious abodes have it all.
#3: Top-notch security
Luxury homes extend security to outside of your residence through skilled personnel and CCTV cameras. While your own home is safe with latest security features, the society it is located in must have excellent security features too. A fleet of security guards and top-class privacy measures ensure that you’re able enjoy the perks of luxury in their purest form.
#4: Reputation
Buying a luxury home is as much a practical decision as it is a status symbol. Your home must spell lavishness, and reflect your stature. From its tactical positioning in one of the city’s most prime locations to unique features and a higher ticket price, your luxury home must reflect your stature, and make you feel on top of the world.
Encapsulating all the above features is Amanora’s prideful residential development – Neo Towers. Located right at the entrance of Amanora Park Town, Neo Towers, designed by the world-renowned P & T Singapore, offers connectivity & convenience like no other.
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