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13 Jun 2019

Make Your Home Vaastu-Friendly With These 9 Ways

The ancient Indian science of architecture, Vaastu Shastra, continues to remain relevant and popular among modern-day homeowners across the country. The principles of Vaastu dictate that by making a few simple architectural and design choices in the home, we can create an environment of happiness and good health.

Here are 9 ways in which you can make your home Vaastu-friendly:

  1. The entrance to your home should feel warm and welcoming. Make sure that the entrance passage is well-lit, the door is clean and the hinges are well-oiled. Ensure that the entrance door always opens on the inside.
  2. Put up a nameplate at the entrance of your house. This is believed to invite opportunities for success and prosperity into the home.
  3. Another way of inviting wealth and prosperity into the home is to hang up a mirror in the dining area on any wall that faces the north or northeast direction.
  4. To strengthen the bonds of love and togetherness in the home, you can hang up or place family photographs against any southwest-facing wall of the residence.
  5. Wind chimes hanging on the bedroom window help promote peaceful sleep and a sense of tranquility in the home.
  6. Avoid putting up any mirrors in the bedroom, especially in front of the bed. Avoid placing your bed directly under any beams in the room.
  7. The kitchen is considered a sacred space, which must be kept clean at all times. Moreover, Vaastu dictates that you should never store medicines in the kitchen.
  8. The presence of water in the home symbolizes the flow of life. A fish bowl or an aquarium in the living area represents flow and movement and promotes a sense of well-being in the home.
  9. The core or central part of the home should always feel free, spacious and roomy. Keeping it free of heavy furniture helps maintain the flow of energies within the home.

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