Explore multiple dimensions of life in the finest residential project of Pune.

27 Aug 2015

Making a Statement with Your New Home

There is no other way of saying that ‘A Home is the most prized possession for any person’. Why wouldn’t anyone want an address they can be proud of all their lives. A home that is not just luxurious but also powerful enough to make a statement, a home in the world’s most iconic structure!

One look at the Future Towers created by Amanora will definitely make you believe that they are all ready and set to redefine the concept of living in Pune. These towers are standing tall on the foundation of futuristic vision and are the beacons of architectural brilliance. Who wouldn’t want their 2 BHK flats in Pune to be at the World's most iconic structure!

Redefining Pune

Do you remember how the Petronas Towers became the identity of Kuala Lumpur? These iconic twin towers have attracted huge attention worldwide. If you take a look at Future Towers, you will get the same feeling. Designed by MRVDV, Rotterdam, one of the best architectural design firm in the world and headed by its co-founding director Jacob Van Rijs, Future Towers has become the most desirable address in Pune.

The Peak of Perfection

Future towers simply cannot be missed while searching for properties in hadapsar, Pune. These towers are a true reflection of structural elegance. It’s a vertical city constructed out of a hexagon. It has a hexagonal grid design and incorporates 120-degree angle that optimizes the flow of natural sunlight.   

It's unlike anything that you might have seen before. It has been designed and developed in such a way that it reflects a natural scenery formation. You will become a part of nature itself with the landscape design of Future Towers reflecting the undulating peaks and valleys of nature's most awe-inspiring creations. Look at life from the elevated plateaus and experience life's grand pleasures. 

A Scoop of Luxury. 

It isn't just enough to redefine ways and means of construction and design, Future Towers take comfort and convenience to the next level as well. Here, you will find Scoops, open spaces at varying with different amenities like a coffee shop, an amphitheatre, a kids' play room, a sports room, each with it's own endearing name. So, here are amenities elevated to a new level. The Courtyards here are ecosystems of interaction, recreation and relaxation. Live the rich social life to the fullest and become a part of a community you'll be proud of. 

Design and architectural blend at its best

This design makes sure that each apartment gets a magnificent view of the environment and at the same time, provides absolute privacy for its residents. The development has been situated on the site in such a way that when it cuts along the borders, it gives rise to three distinct building fragments and blends into nature. 

Your search for the perfect home, whether that’s 1, 2, 3 or even a 4 BHK flat in Pune, will surely lead you to Amanora.