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06 Sep 2015

Making fitness & health a way of life

It's no secret that exercise not only keeps you healthy, but keeps you happy. Maintaining fitness in your routine doesn't require you to have a fitness trainer – all you need to do is make exercise and a healthy diet an intrinsic part of your life, around the year.

Here are 5 easy tips to stay healthy:

1. Take the stairs!

Everyone would much rather take the elevator, but stairs are a great and extremely effective way to get in a dose of exercise everyday. Of course they're no substitute for the gym or an outdoor jog, but remember, the key is to making fitness a part of your every day – the best way to do that is with the little things.

2. Switch to green tea

A cup of tea is essential to most people – so try and switch to a more healthy one! Green tea comes is flavours and is packed with antioxidants that improve the function of your body and brain (and help fat loss)!

3. Indulge in exciting activities

Everyone needs something exciting to pump up their life, to keep from getting caught up in a mundane cycle. Make it a point to do something adventurous or exhilarating, that's completely out of any kind of routine, like rock climbing. It will never get boring and it's a fun way to improve your fitness!

4. Skip the conventional sports

Fitness can get a little boring if you keep going to the gym or for a jog. Switch it up with different sports like beach volleyball, for example, so that there's something new that you can enjoy with friends!

5. Refresh your mind

Try and practice morning yoga in a cool, peaceful spot – it's a great alternative to the usual methods of exercise and will help you maintain a healthy, rejuvenated mind!

In keeping with these ideologies, Amanora Adreno Towers brings you flats in Hadapsar with eight pulsating 'arenas', which ensure that health and fitness blend right into your life. Indulge your inner adventurer, get some peace and quiet, party all night – it goes beyond regular health to ensure you maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.

The arenas at Adreno include:

           -Adventure Arena
           -Sports Arena
           -Fitness Arena
           -Splash Arena
           -Party Arena
           -Enrichment Arena
           -Peace Arena
           -Pulse Arena

Come discover the lifestyle crafted to transport you back to your 20s at Amanora Adreno Towers – one of the most unique properties in Pune.