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22 May 2024

Why the Demand for Mid-Income and Luxury Housing is Surging in Pune?

pune housing market 2024

Pune, a city known for its vibrant culture and economic growth, is experiencing a remarkable surge in housing demand, particularly in the mid-income and luxury segments. According to recent data, there's an intriguing trend unfolding in the real estate market, where there's a notable preference for higher-value properties. Registrations of units priced between Rs 50 lakhs and Rs 1 crore are leading the market at 32%. Additionally, there's been a significant uptick in demand for properties above Rs 1 crore, capturing a 14% market share, compared to 10% the previous year.

Furthermore, the desire for larger living spaces is on the rise. Apartments ranging from 500 to 800 sq ft are dominating the market at 41%. However, there's also a noticeable shift towards even larger apartments, with those exceeding 1000 sq ft increasing their market share to 14%. This article explores the property trends that are shaping Pune's housing market landscape, with a focus on the luxury housing market and luxury real estate market trends.

  1. Economic and Infrastructure Growth in Pune

    Pune's economic development and infrastructure enhancements have been pivotal in attracting more residents and fueling housing demand. With a GDP growth rate of 6.5%, Pune has emerged as a major economic hub in India. The city's infrastructure projects, including the Pune Metro, ring roads, and IT parks, have further bolstered its appeal to homebuyers.

  2. The Influence of IT and Education Sectors:

    Pune's thriving IT industry and prestigious educational institutions play a significant role in shaping housing needs. With over 8,000 IT companies and renowned universities like the Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune has become a magnet for professionals and students alike. This influx has led to a surge in demand for both mid-income and luxury housing options, reflecting the growing demand for luxury homes and luxury living experiences.

  3. Lifestyle and Aspirations Driving Luxury Demand:

    Rising aspirations and changing lifestyles are key drivers behind the increasing demand for luxury homes in Pune. According to market trends, luxury housing sales have grown two-fold in the past two years, with affluent buyers seeking properties that offer upscale amenities and a sophisticated living experience. This trend is indicative of the growing preference for a Luxury lifestyle among Pune's elite.

  4. The Rise of Mid-Income Buyers:

    The growth of the mid-income buyer segment is propelled by factors such as rising disposable incomes and favorable government policies. With increased hike in salaries post-pandemic, Pune residents are now able to afford better housing options. Additionally, the government's decision to set a limit of Rs 10 crore for tax deductions on long-term capital gains has spurred demand for luxury properties.

  5. Government Policies and Their Impact:

    The surge in property registrations in Pune can be attributed to government policies like the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) initiatives, along with growing demand for luxury homes. These policies have stimulated investment in affordable housing and infrastructure development, while economic factors like urbanization and favorable market conditions have also played a significant role. According to data from the Maharashtra government's Department of Registrations and Stamps, a staggering 52 per cent increase was recorded compared to the same period last year. This translates to 21,744 properties being registered in March 2024, compared to 14,309 in March 2023. These factors underscore the growing demand for luxury homes and the factors driving luxury housing demand in Pune and across India.


Pune's real estate market is witnessing unprecedented growth, driven by factors such as economic prosperity, demographic changes, and government initiatives. As demand for mid-income and luxury housing continues to rise, Pune remains a lucrative destination for homeowners and investors alike. With its booming economy, world-class infrastructure, and diverse lifestyle offerings, Pune is poised to maintain its status as one of India's top real estate markets in the years to come, solidifying its place among the top cities for luxury housing in India.

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Why is luxury housing witnessing high demand in Pune?

Luxury housing demand in Pune is experiencing a surge due to several factors. The city's robust economic growth, expanding job market, and increasing urbanization have attracted affluent buyers seeking upscale living experiences. Additionally, Pune's reputation for superior infrastructure, quality amenities, and a cosmopolitan lifestyle further elevates the appeal of luxury properties, driving high demand in the market.

Q2. What is the posh areas in Pune?

Some of the posh areas in Pune include Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar, Hadapsar and Boat Club Road. These neighborhoods are renowned for their upscale amenities, luxurious residences, and proximity to premium dining and entertainment options. With their elegant ambiance and high standard of living, these areas attract affluent residents and offer a sophisticated lifestyle in the heart of the city.