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02 Apr 2020

PMC Property Tax: A Proper Look

Buying a new home is an experience full of emotions, and calculations.

You set a budget, search for the right home loan, and plan for down payment and EMIs. This is the classic financial planning of a homebuyer.

However, some homebuyers go a step further and calculate the yearly property tax they would incur on their new home as well. Some do it just to stay informed of the tax amount, some do it to calculate savings on income tax, while some do it to compare return on their investment versus tax.

So whatever your reason may be, we thought of offering basic information of Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) property tax, to keep you well informed while buying a property.

Introduction To PMC Property Tax

In September 2016, the PMC made reforms in the property tax assessment process. This initiative was started with the objective of identifying unauthorized and illegal properties and to increase revenues for the city’s development. The PMC began verifying size of properties through Geographic Information System (GIS), verifying their documents, assessing values of properties based on their location, and levying tax.

Calculation Of PMC Property Tax

Property tax depends on four major factors- type of property (Residential, Non-Residential, Mixed, Miscellaneous, Industrial or Open Land), carpet area of the property, ready reckoner rates of a property (government valuation), and type of construction (RCC, Simple or Shed).

A simple formula is used by PMC to calculate property tax:

Property Tax = Tax Rate x Capital Value

(Capital Value = Base Value x Built-up Area x Usage x Building Type x Age Factor x Floor Factor)

While some developers can provide you the final tax amount of a particular property, you can visit PMC’s website and calculate tax to verify it yourself.

Documents Required For Assessment Of Property Tax

There are two types of documents that are needed-

1. Documents establishing ownership of property (any or multiple of the below ones depending on your case)

  • Sale deed
  • Index II
  • 7-12 extract
  • City survey extract

2. Documents issued by Building Permission Department (any or multiple of the below ones depending on your case)

  • Occupancy certificate
  • Building permission certificate
  • Building completion certificate
  • Approved plan

Timelines For Paying Property Tax

The PMC has mandated two timelines for paying property tax in a year-

  1. April 1st to September 30th, with a due date of 31st May
  2. October 1st to March 31st, with a due date of 31st December

You will be charged a penalty of 2% per month if you make a payment beyond the due date.

Property Tax Bill

There are three ways you can get your property tax bill-

  1. By post
  2. At the Ward Office for your property’s location

Tax Payment

You can pay property tax in four ways-

  1. Cash/cheque/D.D. at a Ward Office
  2. Cash/cheque/D.D. at PMC’s citizens’ facilitation centre
  3. Online payment at
  4. Cosmos, HDFC, ICICI and Bank of Maharashtra branches

This is just the basic information related to property tax. If you would like to explore it in detail, you can visit to read about the frequently asked questions and answers.

Also, if you are buying a property at Amanora Park Town, feel free to visit and ask us any queries related to property tax. We are committed to make your homebuying experience hassle-free.