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28 Jan 2019

Presenting Homes with Customisable Terraces at Future Towers

One of the world’s most iconic structures now gets even better! Future Towers brings to you a whole another level of luxury. Presenting Extra Large Ready Possession 3 & 4 BHK flats in Hadapsar with Large Customisable Terraces!

Future Towers has been one of the most iconic places of residence; not only in Pune, but in the whole world! Designed by the internationally renowned Dutch Architect Jacob Van Rijs, Future Towers showed the world the future of urban homes and luxury. And now with its newly launched residences, it’s definitely setting new benchmarks. Let us give you a glimpse of how these customisable terrace options can add more luxury in your life at Future Towers. 

Barbeque Deck

Barbeque parties are not just about food, aren’t they? It’s one of those times when you prefer having your near and dear ones at your private place, grill some good food, and just spend a good leisure time. That’s right. No getting ready for the outdoors, no commutes, no restaurant manners, just sheer casual pleasure. If you are the one who loves these occasions, then we are sure you’d love to have a barbecue deck of your own at your house.

Outdoor Gym

Nothing rejuvenates our body like a breath of fresh air, isn’t it? And especially after a good workout, when your body needs a lot of fresh oxygen. The natural air and environment helps to boost your immune system, increases dopamine and serotonin release (the chemicals which make you feel happy) and also makes your exercise more.

Open-to-sky Bar

Having a bar at your home has an exclusivity of its own. There’s no comparison to the pleasure of unwinding after a long day over your favourite malt at home. And having an open-to-sky bar only makes this experience better! Imagine relaxing on the terrace under the night sky, with not just the drink but also a pleasant view of the city to soothe you. Better ambience than the best bars in the city, isn’t it?

Observatory Lounge

We live in times when we have to travel several kilometres out of the city, just so our kids could marvel at the beauty of stars! Sure, you can watch the stars from the window of your home or even the balcony. But nothing like lying under the open sky and having a panoramic view, isn’t it? Well thankfully, having an observatory lounge on your private terrace will do away the need to travel far for stargazing. And not just stargazing, it will be your own private space for having a pleasant ‘me-time’ while gazing at the city’s landscapes.

Organic Vegetable Garden

You must be aware of the benefits of eating organic food. The urban population is getting more inclined towards organic food by each passing day. In the fast lives that we lead today, eating healthy, organic food is becoming more of a necessity than mere preference. And what better food to eat than which is grown by yourself! For the ones who’d love to grow their own veggies, you’ll have good space of your own to do so!

Seems like you’d love to have a terrace at your new home? Come to Future Towers and customise your terrace the way you like with these options! Amanora Future Towers