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04 Jan 2021

Pune Real Estate Industry Gains Momentum Post Lockdown

During the peak COVID-19 period of 2020, the real estate segment went through a rollercoaster ride and suffered damages because of the national economical conditions. With the lockdowns being lifted across most states the real estate developers in Pune, Mumbai and across India seem to be picking up the pace and getting back on track.

According to experts, India saw a significant improvement in terms of sales and launches in the real estate industry in Q3 2020. During this period, Mumbai and Pune real estate developers concentrated and focused on providing ready assets which would induce homebuyers into making a purchase. Furthermore, the reduction in stamp duty was a huge breather, allowed by the Government in an era where it has become immensely important for an individual to own a home. This reduction makes it the right time and a reasonable opportunity for everyone to own and invest in their dream home.

As per the latest research, the officials at the registration department have stated that around 1.9 lakh documents were registered in the month of September 2019. And regardless of the lockdown, the number or registration did not fall and instead reached a record number of 2.47 lakh registrations in September 2020. It continued to grow in October as well. In the first 13 days of November 2019, around 88,000 registrations were done. However the year 2020 saw 1.21 lakh registrations in the same 13 days period in November, despite the pandemic. This means that 60% more sales in real estate were made during the April and June quarter. 2,235 homes were sold in this period and In the pre-Covid-19 quarter (January to March), the number of housing units sold was 7,813.

There are several reasons for the sudden rise in Pune Real Estate Market and in Maharashtra. Real estate developers in Pune have been making many improvements in the development, quality and prices which are being offered to an urban home buyer. Plus the Government of Maharashtra has been kind enough to give the best and historically low home loan interest rates to spike the Pune property market. The housing market in 2021 may also see a similar pattern, thanks to the offers and sales the Developers are offering to everyone. All these reasons are making the entire market of Pune’s Real Estate a promising industry and almost every individual should seriously think of investing in it.

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