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27 Oct 2022

Reasons Why NRI’s Should Invest in Real Estate in India

Reasons Why NRI’s Should Invest in Real Estate in India

NRI’s can reap a treasure trove of profits by investing in the real estate market in India.

As per the Financial Express article of May 2022, NRIs have increasingly shown interest in buying second homes in India. If I were an NRI, I would not think twice before investing in a property back home. Who wouldn't want a second home in one's home country?

That said, let’s look at the top three benefits that NRI’s can reap by investing in property in India:

  1. Favorable banking regulations and availability of loans through financial institutions
  2. Earn rental income by investing in property
  3. By investing money in an immovable property in India NRI’s are liable to comply with hardly any legal formality

In December 2021, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced that NRI’s would not need any prior approval from RBI, for investment and transfer of immovable property in India. Investment in agricultural land, farmhouse or plantation property is an exception to this rule. This has sped up the NRI investment in the Indian real estate sector.

NRI Real Estate Buyers, Here is Why You Must Consider Investing in a Property in India:

  • Higher Returns on Investment
  • If you invest in a property in India, you can get higher returns as compared to the returns gained on investing in a property in countries such as the U.S. and the U.K.

  • Rupee Exchange Rate
  • Depreciation of Rupee value has made it favorable and affordable for NRI’s to splurge on real estate investment in India. This is a boon to the home buying sentiment of NRI homebuyers. Not only can they afford buying a home in India, but they also can reap higher returns on property investments in India.

  • Own a Home Away from Home
  • If you are an NRI who plans to return to India after retirement, then it's perfect to start thinking on the lines of buying your home away from home. Based on your purchasing power and given the depreciation of Rupee value, you can own a luxurious retirement home or second home in your home country. Who wouldn’t want to live in a spacious home without worrying much about how much money needs to be shelled out from one’s pockets? Isn't that fascinating? Had you been working in India, buying a home could have been an unfulfilled dream. But since you are an NRI, you should look at the advantage you have over non-NRI's in buying a home or investing in a property in India.


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