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28 Oct 2015

The Crowning Jewel of Amanora

Ever wonder how the royals live? It must be a life of sheer opulence and indulgence in palatial homes with all the luxuries at your disposal. Well, you need not let your imagination run wild, for the best builder in Pune - Amanora - has developed a property which is a perfect embodiment of all the elements that spell luxury - Gateway Towers.

The tall and handsome structure of Gateway Towers is not only a triumph of will and imagination but also of unyielding commitment of Amanora to its patrons. Gateway Towers, aptly called as Amanora's Crowning Jewel, is made for the league of ultra urban citizens who subscribe only to the best. It is designed by the P & T Consultants, Singapore, world’s leading architecture firm. Made with meticulous attention to details, Gateway Towers expertly creates the world where every conceivable luxury resides. The 45 storey tall Gateway Towers will be Pune’s tallest building.

Gateway Towers draws its inspiration from the iconic Luxury brand. The shiny, sparkling sheen of Gateway Towers is reminiscent that of crystals. The artistry of the Gateway Towers is another aspect that reminds us of the beauty and luster of those glittering crystals. The styling doesn't stop at the exterior, the amenities and specifications on the inside too, are nothing short of perfect. Along with the usual run-on-the-mill amenities, this Crowing jewel provides a string of exotic features. Homes here are fully digitised. The mood lighting and automated curtains are a few examples of the far-reaching penetration of technology to bring ease to your life.

The promise of luxury is so deftly carried out at Gateway Towers, that every nook and corner exudes the sense of high life. The place is equipped with recreational centres to keep you amused on the weekends. Fitness studios, clubhouses will keep you engaged, and will help you rejuvenate in style.

Gateway Towers, located in the highly developed Hadapsar, offers great connectivity to all the upmarket localities of Pune. Hadapsar is dotted with top employment hubs, trendy lifestyle and entertainment centres. Packed with all these features it comes as no surprise that Hadapsar is one of the top performing localities in Pune. And Gateway Towers is the biggest landmark Hadapsar has ever seen.