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18 Dec 2020

Tips For Investing In Property In A Post-Coronavirus World

If you are looking for flats for sale in Hadapsar, Pune, you must consider several factors before making your mind to invest in a high-value asset like real estate.

A glance at the real estate market

The impact of the pandemic on the global economy has been so profound that we can divide the recent past into two categories: Real estate market before and after the pandemic.

Investing in real estate before the Coronavirus outbreak was a bit easy. The priorities of the buyers were a well-connected location, better price, spacious properties, availability of home loans based on their current sources of income, and better amenities.

The developers were rigid on pricing, because, despite the competition, they had many interested buyers approaching for property investment. There was a considerably better demand for under-construction projects due to the price benefit for the buyers.

Changing priorities

Today, interested buyers like you should analyse your financial stability before investing in real estate. Again, your priorities are changing in the post-Coronavirus world. Aspiring property buyers are looking for ready-to-move-in homes that are bigger, fully-loaded with facilities transforming the lifestyle.

Government’s Encouragement to the Real Estate Sector

The interest rates on home loans are considerably low today. Again, the government has reduced the stamp duties remarkably. The policy is to boost the real estate sector encouraging housing, and property investment through various economic classes.

Pros and Cons of Buying Homes Now

The interested property buyers are always insisted to make a purchase decision right away, not to lose the scenario-specific benefits. Yet, there are few things every buyer should consider from various angles.

Here are a few merits, demerits, and tips for investing in real estate in a post-Coronavirus world:

  • One of the most coherent real estate investment tips would be to look for ready-possession homes. You can switch from a rented house to your own at the right time.
  • The rate of property and rental appreciation is at a low. So, look out for homes to live and not to rent. This aspect is among situation-specific tips for investing in property.
  • Consider ‘work from home’ in current and future situations. So, lookout for a larger home with better internet connectivity, secured and calm place to work.
  • Plan your finances cautiously. Proper financial planning is among the crucial real estate investment tips considering a decrease in job stability.
  • Keep EMI and maintenance below 35% of your monthly income. Don’t consider appraisals and salary hikes to get a cushion to pay your EMIs in future.

Wrapping up

Considering various factors discussed here and the tips for investing in property, buying a home at Amanora Gold Towers would be a wise investment decision. The project offers ready-to-move-in homes, well-equipped with facilities, surrounded by enchanting neighbourhoods and great amenities, all at a reasonable price. Furthermore, it is situated in Amanora Park Town, India’s first fully developed and integrated township. The township recently exemplified its promise of hassle-free living through efficient planning during the lockdown. Being a part of such a complete township is a fulfilling opportunity in itself.