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21 Sep 2018

Tips To Keep Yourself Safe On The Roads This Monsoon

Monsoons are the time when most realtors offer additional purchase goodies or benefits. The city typically experiences a rise in site visits - especially for new projects in pune hadapsar. A family site visit against a gorgeous weather in a car drive is too tempting a proposition to be ignored.

Yet, in such a favourable climate, one major concern that constant heavy downpours cause is clogging of waters on road - imposing grave dangers. We undeniably face plenty hurdles while commuting to our desired locations on a daily basis be it work or other life priorities. According to industry statistics, the number of road accidents has increased since 2014 in Pune with a steep rise seen during the monsoons.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you drive risk-free in the current rains and enjoy a safe commute.

1. Compulsory car/bike servicing
Just as the real estate industry gives ‘monsoon offers’, so do most auto-servicing outlets. Getting proper servicing of your daily-use vehicles will ensure that they are ready to tackle the hurdles posed by the climate. Replenishing brake oil, wipers in working condition, optimal horns, sharp head and rear lights, and more, the servicing will render your car/bike monsoon-ready.

2. Extra care for your wheels
The primary and immediate contact with the roads are your tyres. How your ride turns out depends a lot on the condition of your tyres. Wet roads can lead to skidding from clogged waters within the tyre tread groves. You may try the standard 1-rupee coin test to gauge the condition of your tyre.

3. Stick to speed limits
As much as the lovely weather may have under its spell or the jammed traffic may drive you crazy, do not speed your vehicle past the speeding limits. It is in general wise to drive/ride in a moderate pace during the rains, even when it is not raining. The roads tend to hold in the moisture hours after a wet spell.

4. Keep your speed dial handy
If you haven’t already updated your speed dial list, then do it at the earliest. Your closest family member like a parent or a spouse, a dependable friend, your family physician, even your mechanic - keep them all handy. Today’s smart phones allow plenty options to instantly and easily connect with your emergency contacts in times of need.

5. Don’t hesitate to help
And lastly, as someone would surely come to your rescue so should you not hesitate to help somebody else in their dire time. Be that good samaritan for them. Be prompt in calling help or medical services and avoid performing any kind of first aid or emergency procedure, unless you are a professional in it. 

If you are going to venture out on site visits this monsoon, there are some beautiful properties in Hadapsar, Pune for sale. Like Amanora Park Town, a complete township and comes replete with top-notch amenities (slick internal roads for instance). You will be covered in your monsoons, as the township offers almost every lifestyle necessity within its periphery.

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