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14 Nov 2014

Top Ten Spots in (and around) India for The Adreno Life

The Adreno life is all about living on the edge of your seat and enjoying each moment to its fullest. So if you like adventure, fitness or an adrenaline rush, get these spots on your vacation list!


1. Mountain Biking, Sikkim
If you like a healthy dose of fitness along with your adventurous vacation, try mountain biking in Sikkim's rugged terrain. There are a number of routes to choose from, most of which start from Gangtok - some of them can be quite technical, while others concentrate on that scenic landscape everyone wants a piece of.

2. Everest Base Camp, Nepal

If you enjoy trekking, the EBC trail is one of the most popular options you can choose. From Kathmandu, it's a short flight to the Lukla airport and there begins your 12-day trek. Enjoy the amazing views and challenging terrains along with the culture of Nepal.



1. Kayaking in Lakshadweep
Lakshadweep is the perfect destination if your idea of a vacation includes the sun, sea and sand. Give yourself something to do besides lie on the beach all day, and opt to take a kayak through the water. A great way to add adventure to a laidback trip!

2. White water rafting in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is one of the most popular destinations for white water rafting in India, with rapids from Grade 1 to 4. You have plenty of rafting companies to take you on your adventure, including luxury as well as budget ones.

3. Scuba diving in Andaman

There's something about being able to sit on the floor of the ocean, watching a colourful fish swim by. It's an unexplored world and the perfect adventure to be had in the Andaman Islands. You can even go a step further and get your international certification done, allowing you to dive all over the world.

4. Bike trip Manali - Leh

All the rage recently, the bike route from Manali - Leh is open for four months in the year and is considered one of the most scenic road trips in the world. Starting May, bikers ride in from all over the country for the experience that stretches over 475km. If you and your friends share a love for bikes, this is the adventure for you.

5. River Canyoning in Cherrapunjee

The second-wettest region in the world, Cherrapunjee offers a lot of adventure to travelers. River canyoning is definitely one of the must-try activities to enjoy the scenic beauty of this region, discovering the canyon's terrain with trekking and even swimming through the river. The itinerary spans anywhere between 8-12 hours and has a number of options.



1. Microlight Flying - Bangalore
Have you always dreamed of flying a plane? You can now try your hand at a small two-seater plane called a microlight, under the guidance of an instructor. You're even given the controls to the flight so that you can see for yourself how easy it is, and after your 60 minute session you have the option of signing up to train for a Pilot's Licence (Microlights).

2. Skydiving in Pondicherry

Try your hand at one of the world's most popular adrenaline sports with a tandem skydive or a static skydive at scenic Pondicherry. A tandem jump is done with an instructor from a height of 10.000ft and with a few hours of training, while a static skydive is done solo, from a height of 4000ft and requires 1.5 days of training.

3. Highest Bungee Jump - Rishikesh

Experience India's highest bungy jump from a height of 83m over the Ganga river. Organized by a company named Jumpin Heights, the jump is India's first fixed platform bungy and is operated by a team from New Zealand. Don't forget your certificate!

Now that you have a Top 10 list of things to try, you know where you're going on your next vacation. But what about a daily dose of adventure to keep your fast-paced life going? Well, you can now live a life as fast as New York right here at Amanora Adreno Towers.