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13 Jun 2020

What Makes Amanora Park Town An Eco-friendly Township?

“We don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

This age-old native American proverb very beautifully and effectively gives us a lesson on how life should be lived. That is, to live in a way that will not create problems for the future generations.

At Amanora, sustainable development and sustainable living has been at the core of the township. When we promise a hassle-free lifestyle to our citizens, we simultaneously ensure that we do not create hassles for the future generations as well. How?

Here are the eco-friendly measures followed at the integrated township:

Eco-friendly Planning

Amanora Park Town was the first construction project planned with detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), keeping the environment at its core. Its EIA Report and Management plan were prepared by the National Environment Engineering & Research Institute and the township also meets the guidelines of the Ministry of Environment & Forest and the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board. Its commitment towards sustainable urbanization was appreciated by the Environment Appraisal Committee. Moreover, the township is also home to the world’s first Temple of Environment, situated at the centre of a 26-acre garden!

Sewage Treatment Plant

The township houses a sewage treatment plant, which has the capacity of 1.75 MLD. The plant has mainly been built with the objective of reusing treated sewage water for use as well as external gardening and for flushing purposes. Its operations and maintenance are taken care of by Thermax, a reputed multinational firm.

Smart Garbage Disposal

Amanora’s smart garbage management plays an important role in ensuring cleanliness and hygiene for its residents. Separate garbage chutes are provided at each residential sector for dry and wet waste collection. What’s more, dry waste is further segregated into recyclable and non-recyclable garbage. And the recyclable waste is further sent to biogas plants for biogas generation, Excel OWC & Ecoman machine for composting.

We live in times when our environment is in a very vulnerable condition. And if we don’t take necessary, immediate efforts, it will be the future generations that pay the price of our actions.

Through these efforts we not only aim to contribute towards sustainable living, but also become an example for everyone to follow.