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31 Jul 2015

Why Township Living is the Future

So, you have just grabbed that dream job in another city. You and your family can't wait to shift to this new place and are eagerly looking forward to new beginnings and a new residence. Well, here's why you should be considering a township home over any other. In today's day and age, towns are transforming into mega cities, and residences are fast moving towards ‘Township Living'. Among all, one such successful brand is Amanora Township. From being one of the first mega townships in Pune, Amanora has now become synonymous withluxurious urban living. In fact, millions of young, urban families are choosing to stay in townships like Amanora over independent residences. There are many reasons that clearly show that township living is the next step in the evolution human lifestyles and some of these are;

Global Community

As the world becomes a global village, urban community living has become a modern day norm. A community is a place where people sharing similar lifestyles and interests start living together in harmony, almost like a big, closely-knit family. Townships like Amanora have reinvented the concept of community living to a newer, more global level. Here, every kind of individual has access to amenities and benefits and can form strong bonds with not just his neighbours but with every resident in the township. 

Balanced environment 

Where one grows up defines the individual that one will be. It is hence, extremely important to have a healthy environment for both the mind as well as the body. One needs a social environment that encourages various interests such as sports, adventure lifestyle, entertainment, and also a balance between modern amenities and green covers. An aspect well-covered by homes in Amanora. 


As modern day lives get busier, one finds lesser and lesser time and mind space for petty issues at home. No one wants to spend the weekend plumbing a leak or sweating over housing legalities. At Amanora, every project comes with a quality seal.  Every development, every house, every wall is well planned as per government norms, keeping in mind consumers need.

Top-notch Security

Life in a normal city is often fraught with tension for loved ones, their safety and security, whether they’re travelling or at home. In this aspect, township living is ahead by lightyears and has found many sustainable security solutions. No more do you need to worry about leaving the children or the most senior members of your family alone at home if you’ve suddenly got to rush out for some work. Both the township level and cluster level security systems will ensure their safety. The helpdesk is available 24x7 for any and all queries and concerns. In a township like Amanora, safety is in safe hands. 

Shrinking the distance 

One of the most important benefits of township living is the easy accessibility. The biggest example would be the Amanora Township. From health care, workplace, education to recreation, everything is now within reach. So that one can save time for other important things in life. 

And it’s not just the adults who have benefited from this reduction in distance but also the children as well! With the concept of "Safe walk to school", parents no longer have to send children to far off locations and the children themselves can avoid the fatigue that comes with the long winded travel. At Amanora, Pawar Public School and Amanora Peasrons School are already in operation and have granted countless families the peace of mind and security of having their children go to a school that is so close by!

Self-sustaining lifestyle 

They say interdependence is the highest degree of independence. The best part about townships are that the many amenities provide a scope for many other amenities. A place where shopping malls give rise to a social milieu that also participates in other sports and leisure activities. A large amount of people staying within the community gives rise to the need of healthcare, education and so on and so forth. Thus abiding by the ‘more the merrier' philosophy, such are the hidden benefits of township living. 

The success and overwhelming response towards Amanora is a testimony to the fact that township living is indeed the choice of the future. After all, home is where the heart and peace of mind is!