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08 Sep 2022

The Changing Cost of Raw Material and Labor in Real Estate

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Post pandemic, the real estate industry has seen a new wave of growth and modernisation. The industry is booming and flourishing, and several new buyers want to invest in new properties to enjoy the benefits of the growing industry. The industry has come up with several lucrative properties at great prices. If you plan to buy a property, now is the best time. You can plan your budget and put some money into real estate as the market is favourable currently.

Real estate sees an upward trend, leading to an increase in demand. This has led to a gradual increase in the building material cost. Consequently, consider planning your property purchases before the construction raw material prices touch the sky. If you are confused about the city where you can buy a property, you can consider Pune.

Several residential projects in Pune will give you a good value for your money. However, the properties in Amanora Park town are exquisite, and they have redefined luxury for their potential buyers. The place is spread across 400 acres, and you will live the life of your dreams on the property. It is one of the best properties in the country that ensures all your needs are taken care of within the vicinity of the township.

Reasons for a Rise in Raw Material and Labor Costs

Several factors have resulted in raw material prices increase. Let’s understand some of these reasons in detail:


Currently, the Indian market is moving towards luxury as more buyers demand lavish properties in good localities. However, more and more people are demanding high-end real estate properties. The difference in the supply and demand has shaken the equilibrium a bit. Hence, real estate owners are demanding more prices for their properties.

Availability of Material

Processing building raw materials can be tricky as several norms, such as removing sea shells, and organic impurities, are now in place, creating problems for material procurement. Also, only a few hubs in the country are manufacturing these materials currently, as most companies went out of business during the pandemic. These companies do not want to bear the cost of logistics, and hence, the availability is affected. The low availability has led to a raw material price increase.

Cost of Material

Procuring raw materials for building real estate properties can be a little challenging. Also, the prices of construction raw materials like cement, steel, bricks, etc., are soaring, which has impacted the real estate price trends. Therefore, these costs are directly passed on to the final buyers. Even if the developers don't want to increase the property prices, the procedure of procuring these materials has become cumbersome and expensive.


Real estate is one such industry that is hugely affected by taxes. As the demand for properties has increased, the government also increased the taxes on these properties. Therefore, the developers are now having a hard time paying these taxes, and they are trying to push down these costs on the shoulders of the buyers. Ultimately, the value of the property increases for the end buyer. 


The people have demanded a rise in subsidies in the real estate industry to decrease the final cost of the property. Also, the demand for real estate properties has risen with the increase in subsidies. 


The real estate industry is soaring, and the developers want to make the most of it. Currently, the prices of raw materials are stable, but they are showing an upward trend. Hence, this can lead to a price increase in the real estate industry. Therefore, now is the ideal time to buy any property if you are interested in investing in real estate. If you are considering a few options, you can consider some properties in Pune like Amanora Park Town.

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