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10 Apr 2024

Pune Real Estate: Top 5 Investment Opportunities for NRIs

5 investment for NRIS in Pune

The luxury real estate market in Pune is experiencing a remarkable transformation, fueled by the city's rapid infrastructural developments, an influx of employment opportunities, and an expanding array of social amenities. This growth has propelled Pune into the spotlight for real estate investments, particularly among Non-Resident Indian (NRI) investors. Recognizing this burgeoning demand, esteemed developers are diligently crafting residential projects in Pune that transcend ordinary living spaces, offering modern homebuyers the pinnacle of luxury and convenience.

  1. City Rise by Amanora - Redefining Luxury in Kothrud

    City Rise by Amanora epitomizes luxury real estate in Pune with its lavish 22-story structure that promises to be a landmark in Kothrud. The project features 2, 3, and 4-bedroom ultra-premium residences, each designed with an emphasis on grandeur, aesthetics, and utility. A hallmark of luxurious living, City Rise offers an array of handpicked lifestyle amenities and meticulously curated specifications, ensuring a living experience that is both grand and intimate.

  2. Amanora Crown Towers, Hadapsar - A Synonym for Luxury and Comfort

    Crown Towers presents luxurious 2, 2.5, 3, and 4 BHK & duplex flats in Pune, starting from ₹1.58 CR*. This project is a testament to luxury real estate in Pune, offering duplex flats and 3 BHK duplex flats in Pune that redefine the concept of sophisticated living. With twin towers rising 31 stories, Amanora Crown Towers is designed to provide a lifestyle that combines luxury, convenience, and exclusivity, making it an ideal choice for buying property in Pune.

  3. Amanora Arbano Towers, Hadapsar - The Essence of Urban Chic

    Arbano Towers at Amanora Park Town brings to life the vision of urban living with its luxurious flats in Pune. Set within a sprawling urban township, these 4 iconic 33-story towers offer an exclusive premium living experience. For those looking at real estate investment in Pune, Arbano Towers presents a compelling opportunity, offering 1, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, & 4.5 BHK flats in Pune with its future-ready amenities and comfortable conveniences, epitomizing urban luxury at its best.

  4. VTP Bellissimo, Mahalunge-Hinjewadi - Sustainability Meets Luxury

    VTP Bellissimo, situated in the Mahalunge-Hinjewadi area, stands out among the best real estate projects in Pune. This project offers a mix of 1, 2, and 3 BHK apartments, with a strong focus on sustainable living without compromising on luxury. For NRIs considering buying property in Pune, VTP Bellissimo offers an attractive proposition with its eco-friendly practices, strategic location, and modern amenities.

  5. Kohinoor Kaleido, Kharadi - A Benchmark for Luxurious Living

    Kohinoor Kaleido in Kharadi redefines luxurious flats in Pune, offering premium 2 and 3 BHK apartments. This project is a beacon for those seeking luxury real estate in Pune, with its modern amenities, quality construction, and strategic location ensuring a lifestyle that is both luxurious and convenient. Kohinoor Kaleido represents the pinnacle of residential projects in Pune, making it a prime choice for NRIs looking to invest in Pune's dynamic real estate market.


Crown Towers and Arbano Towers at Amanora Park Town are emblematic of the best real estate projects in Pune, offering unmatched luxury, convenience, and sustainability. These projects stand as testament to the lucrative opportunities available in Pune's luxury real estate market, especially for NRIs seeking to make a sound real estate investment in Pune. Investing in these projects not only secures a piece of Pune's thriving real estate landscape but also offers a lifestyle that's unparalleled. For those ready to take the leap into buying property in Pune, exploring these exceptional projects is the first step towards owning a home that’s truly extraordinary.